To go with the ‘defence’ practice (12th Feb), take a look at this:

I like Lee Jae Bok for his consise and clear explanations; to accompany our grips practice (5th Feb). I think everyone should revisit their grips and see whether the approach to shots can be improved:

Mixed Tactics; look at the sides in defense and front/back attack positions in this video and the speed of change. Remember – this is MIXED – the lady is not bound to stand on the T !

Serve vid – has some good ideas – particularly for use of high shuttle hit point on the racket head.

Mixed Doubles Rallying:

Mixed Doubles Serve and Return:

Mixed tactics intro:

Mens Doubles Serve and Return:

Mens  Tactics intro:

Forehand smash

Backhand clear

Other betterbadminton vids:

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