Mens match vs Hexham Away

A long haul to get down to Hexham and then straight on to play. Ian and John stepped in at short notice to replace Darren and James who were unable to make it, so many thanks to them for allowing us to field a full team.

The event was a tight fought match, with the Hexham lads coming out just ahead with a 4:5 loss for Hotspur. The games were very close; tough rallies in the difficult Wentworth Leisure centre hall, what with the lights, noise and faded lines…

An enjoyable evening of badminton which landed us a point. Nice.

Mixed Match against Riverside

Thanks to the Riverside team for coming up to Alnwick on Wednesday last for a very close fought match. The pairs were evenly match in many cases, with several 3-enders and close scores leading to a long evening of badminton. On the whole the rallies were also superb, but with our opponents gaining the upperhand leading to a deserved win for Riverside.

However we gained a consolation point and we look forward to the return match.

Team: Emma & Steven, Rosie and Keith, Mel and Danny

Result:  Hotspur vs Riverside 4:5

Mens at Home vs NESCL

Thanks to all for the great games at DCHS, the NESLC guys making the trip up from Newcastle. Good standard of play in the games lead to a reasonably comfortable win for Hotspur with James and Darren taken to close three enders. A great team effort for an 8-1 result.


2019 and the Hotspur Teams

All three teams are doing amazingly well, matches coming through very fast since October and I lost track for a while there. It looks like the Mens division G team are going to comfortably win their league, and hope for a well deserved promotion next year (for more matches); well done all who played this season!

The Mixed and Mens division C teams are progressing well with some close and enjoyable matches in both leagues, we will wait for the remaining matches before calling those results!

All the best to all for 2019.

Mixed Match: Hotspur vs Jarrow

For the first match in our new venue, DCHS (thanks to the SLS guys for their help), we welcomed Jarrow to face our Mixed team, and it was great to watch.

Close games and several 3-enders kept the tension up. Though Hotpur slowly produced the wins, it was tense for the spectators as great shots from both sides kept the momentum shifting between the teams.

Thanks for the Jarrow team for their sportsmanship – I’m sure this will be another close match at our Away meeting.

Result: Hotspur 8:1 Jarrow

Hotspur vs Newcastle Medicals ‘A’

An easy drive brought us to the Excelsior College in Newcastle and a 4 court hall nearly as warm as the DCHS. The Medicals team gave us just as warm a welcome and friendly games. The match gave Rob, Danny and Steven a decent warm up for their match tonight in the Mixed. All games comfortably won.

Hotspur 9 : 0 Medicals ‘A’

Hotspur Badminton 2018/19 New Season

Hi all,

The new season is upon us and we’re looking forward to some fun badminton matches in the leagues and tournaments.

Please could all members get their subs in asap and make sure to fill in a membership form this season as we need to consider GDPR; there is also an exciting new Data Protection document that will be coming your way soon 😉

Remember also that we will be moving to the DCHS sports hall from beginning of October


See you there


End of League Season Results


The Northumberland Badminton League 2017/18 season is now over for Hotspur club, having played a total of 26 matches across the three teams, so I thought I’d do a little catch-up on how everyone did.

The men’s second team was a brand new entry into the league, but the bottom division also contained three other new teams and was probably more competitive than the two divisions above it. It’s been a great introduction to the league for several new players and hopefully everyone can get into more familiar pairings and build on it for next year. The season did finish on a high note though, with a confident 7-2 victory over Gateshead.

Hotspur’s first foray into mixed badminton was fairly big unknown at the season, with one aim just being to see if we could field enough players for each match! The presence of a new St Gabs team also tempered expectations, but successive maximum point victories started to sew the seeds of possibility. The team got a full 6 points off everyone in the league apart from St Gabs, who the team beat at home but lost away. In the end both sides finished on the same number of points, but St Gabs had significantly better rubber difference and so cinched that number one spot.

The men’s first team were in the same division as last year but now with the addition of a promoted St Gabs team and a demoted Riverside team. A loss to St Gabs and victories over everyone else resulted in the division coming to head with a rescheduled home fixture against St Gabs on Wednesday night. St Gabs were one point ahead in the division and with superior rubber difference just needed to get a point out of the match to cement the top spot. Hotspur needed to win 7-2 or better to win the division. I’m pleased to report that Hotspur did even better than that and ended up 8-1 victors on the night, winning promotion to division C.

I’d like to thank all the club members new and old for their contribution this season. I remarked to Keith that this is probably Hotspur’s most successful season, certainly in the time that I’ve been at the club. We’ve have some good results this year, but there’s been great enthusiasm and participation and that’s made all the difference.

Roll on the 18/19 season… (but after a decent break!)



Mens Doubles

D Division

Team Played Won Lost Rubbers
Hotspur 8 7 1 32 56 475 20
St Gabriels B 8 7 1 28 56 532 18
Riverside LC BC A 8 4 4 4 4 240 12
Whitley Chapel 8 2 6 -16 -25 -309 9
The Parks 8 0 8 -48 -91 -938 1


G Division

Team Played Won Lost Rubbers
Northern Tigers A 8 8 0 46 78 515 22
St Gabriels C 7 5 2 13 27 186 14
Gateshead 7 2 5 -13 -27 -203 8
Northumberland Club B 8 3 5 -20 -32 -168 7
Hotspur A 8 1 7 -26 -46 -330 6

Mixed Doubles

F Division

Team Played Won Lost Rubbers
St Gabriels C 10 9 1 62 121 1204 26
Hotspur 10 9 1 44 83 669 26
Gateshead 9 5 4 -1 0 58 13
Wallsend Bewicke A 9 4 5 -25 -54 -436 9
Walbottle Nomads 10 1 9 -32 -67 -609 8
Jarrow A 10 1 9 -48 -83 -886 5