A few matches under our belts…

Apologies for falling behind in the updates 🙂

Ok, back in October the Mixed team had a cracking match at Home against St Gabriels C. This was a great one to watch, and though I was getting up early to catch a ferry to the Isle of Man I had to stay to the end which was nearly a full 2 hours! Tied at 16-16 in the third end of their final match, Clare and Darren didn’t know the match was at 4-4, which was good as it didn’t affect them pushing through to scrape the win for Hotspur 5:4; great finish guys.

(20 Oct 2017) Team: Clare and Darren, Mel and Daz, Rosie and Phil; Result: Hotspur 5:4 St Gabriels

Early November and the Mixed Team played again, this time away against Bewicke and brought home a victory. Nice.

(03 Nov 2017) Team: Clare and Darren, Mel and , Ellie and Eric; Result: Hotspur 7:2 Bewicke

The Mens team have also been in action away against St Gabs; sadly we lost, but did manage to get three ends earning a point for ourselves and limiting them to just two. The final score was 6-3.

(06 Nov 2017) Team: Darren & Rob, Steven & Nige , Eric & Daz; Result: Hotspur: St Gabriels 3:6

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