League Match – Jarrow Home

From Steven (Match Secretary)

Hi All,

Unfortunately Jarrow were down to five people as one of their players forgot there was a match, so there were 3 conceded rubbers and then quick 2-enders from our guys saw us come out with a dominant 9-0 victory.
That was our last match of the season and it puts us temporarily at the top with two matches in the league still to be played (or submitted):
D Division
Team Played Won Lost Rubbers
Hotspur 8 7 1 24 45 414 16
Whitley Chapel 7 5 2 23 39 291 15
Hexham A 6 4 2 26 43 371 14
The Parks 8 2 6 -40 -71 -598 5
Jarrow 7 0 7 -33 -56 -478 4
If Hexham soundly beat Whitley Chapel then we get 2nd place.
It’s still possible for us win the league if Hexham win narrowly against Whitley Chapel then get beaten heavily by Jarrow, but that’s very unlikely.
If Whitley Chapel win then 3rd looks most likely.
But, still – we have the best Win/Loss ratio!
Thanks to the Jarrow guys who did make the journey, and to Steven for standing in as a sixth to provide more badminton on the evening.
Result: Hotspur 9:0 Jarrow

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