Season 2016/17

Hi all,

A new season is upon us – I’ve updated the Fixtures list; thanks to our new Match Secretary Steven for arranging these dates, and the About page which needed a fix or two.

Here I’d like to say many thanks to Clare who has been organising both Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings for ages now and I know how much everyone has enjoyed the sessions and how much everyone has improved.

I’d also like to thank Tom, our previous Match Secretary who has organised our matches for the past two seasons, and who has moved to the other end of the country to get away from us! He’ll be missed.

Hopefully before long we can announce a permament venue for the Hotspur Badminton Club but in the mean time we’ll be playing on a Wednesday night at the Willowburn Sports Centre from 7-9pm.

All previous players are welcome to come along. If you haven’t played with us previously and if you’re thinking about wanting to try some fun fast badminton then come and find us and have a  chat about joining in and see how we play.

Wishing you all a very enjoyable (and injury free) badminton season 2016/17!


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